Innovative empty packaging system invented for Royal Pride Holland
Innovation by TAKS

Project details

Customer: Royal Pride, Middenmeer (NL)

Category: Internal transport, Palletizing, Sorting

Period: May 2015

TAKS Handling Systems was contacted by Royal Pride Holland in Middenmeer. The company needed a compact system for the automatic transportation of empty harvest crates stacked on pallets onto carts. For this, TAKS developed an entirely new system for de-stacking empty crates from pallets. The crates are then stacked to the desired height and the empty pallets are automatically stacked in the pallet storage.

Next, the crates are pushed onto the harvest carts. The large buffer ensures that the harvest carts can be loaded fast, resulting in increased capacity. With this innovative solution, Royal Pride Holland has made a huge, labor-saving step forward in their logistics process.