A good logistic design is at the foundation of efficiency gain. During the entire handling process, it is essential to have your products be supplied and moved in the most efficient way possible. There’s no room for stagnation or damage in this process. Using our extensive knowledge and broad experience, we can compose the perfect logistic solution for you. As a result, your fruits and vegetables are conveyed through all the different phases of the process quickly and with great care, so they’re ready for shipment as fast as possible. TAKS Handling Systems has a complete range of transport solutions like pallet destackers, systems for loading and unloading, (automated) roller conveyors and belt conveyors.

With this or any other TAKS Handling Systems’ modular solution you can build your own ‘Blueprint for Efficiency’. Our engineers will take your specific requirements into account so your blueprint will feel custom-made. Please do check out the other modules in our range or contact our sales team.