Automated flexible harvest handling solution: SpiderMan
Innovation by TAKS

Project details

Customer: TAKS

Category:  Complete packinghalls

Period: July, 2021

The need to process multiple crops automatically, simultaneously and accurately resulted in the development of the Taks SpiderMan solution. The SpiderMan picks up dedicated amounts of product from the buffer lanes and places them in different locations. Crates, boxes, uneven numbers it doesn’t matter. With the SpiderMan, processes such as box weighing, packaging, and direct palletizing run simultaneously in a smooth and automated manner.

Options include batch processing, track-and-trace and harvest quality monitoring.

The TAKS SpiderMan is a fully automated harvest handling solution. By means of a traverse only a small buffer per product is needed. It distributes different products simultaneously over multiple processing lines. Boxes are weighed prior to palletising whereas crates are palletised directly, resulting in 100% full pallets.