Flexible mini cucumbers R-Packing line at Verhoeven
Innovation by TAKS

Project details

Customer: Kwekerij Verhoeven

Category : Packaging

Period      : July 2016

Kwekerij Verhoeven in Prinsenbeek (NL) grows mini cucumbers. In their modern packing hall, these snack cucumbers are packed into various types of retail containers and punnets for direct delivery to supermarkets. The Verhoeven family wished to pack their product quicker and in a more efficient way, and wanted to be able to switch between different types of packaging faster so this would take up only a minimum of effective packaging time.

With the flexible and innovative R-Packing Line by TAKS Handling Systems, switching from one type of packaging to another is no longer a time consuming process. It increases efficiency by combining real time management data with an ergonomic work environment and error detection, and it’s suitable for all kinds of mini vegetables and soft fruits.

Our R-Packing Line has a number of important advantages compared to conventional packing lines. The size and progress of every order is displayed on a screen in real-time. This gives employees insight in the remaining number of packages that need to be made and allows for some tables to already switch to a different type of packaging while other tables complete the order. This decreases the set-up time for new orders to a minimum. By using double lines it’s even possible to process several types of packaging at the same time. The management information system gives an insight in the status of the order. The system also automatically detects faulty product, which is then removed from production, guaranteeing a correct weight per package.

The system also measures labour productivity and performance per employee. This information can help you coach your staff to increase their efficiency and reduce errors. Overviews of the total production per day and performance per employee are provided in real-time and available in one universal data file.

The high processing speed, in combination with packing machines, automated supply and palletization, will result in a considerable reduction of labour costs. And the experience of Kwekerij Verhoeven with our system was so positive, that they installed a second packing line and have now doubled their capacity.