Innovative and representative project in Poland
Innovation by TAKS

Project details

Customer: Onix in Zakrzewie Polen

Category: Internal transport, Palletizing

Periode May 2015

In May 2015, TAKS Handling Systems developed and realized an innovative and signature project at Onix, in Zakrzewie Poland. The company was founded in 1995 as a family company, specialized in the production and packaging of potatoes and all sorts of onions, shallots and garlic. Onix now has a leading position in both national and international markets.

The company approached TAKS Handling Systems’ Polish agent with a complex issue that involved optimizing internal transport and palletizing various types of packaging.

The onions and potatoes are wrapped in nets and bags, ranging in weight from 2.5 to 8 kg, and then transported from filling machines in various locations to a central packing hall. At the packing station, around 40.000 nets and bags per hour are being processed and put in boxes and crates before being palletized.

To be able to deal with the great varieties in packaging, stacking patterns and weight, while maintaining the desired flexibility and necessary capacity, TAKS Handling Systems designed and developed a unique flexible system.

Onix had already looked into various solutions, ranging from robots to a handling system based on buffering and palletizing. But none of those solutions could fully satisfy the customer. Luckily, the engineers at TAKS were able to design a suitable system that combines maximum flexibility and high capacity.

The innovative and efficient design played a key factor in Onix’ choice for TAKS Handling Systems. The high quality and reliability of our machines and credentials regarding our high service level proved to be the deciding factors. For this project, TAKS offered its largest palletizer, the MPE, which is perfect for processing heavy packages at a high capacity of 600 boxes per hour. This type of palletizer is equipped with a reinforced bottom plate and powerful double controls to position the load. Thanks to the top supply, a large part of the work floor remains free for storage and transport.

A double conveyor construction guarantees a high capacity. One conveyor transports the stacked pallets to a strapping machine or wrapper. The other one transports the pallets to the take-out station, which is located directly at the loading dock to provide an efficient and fast flow of products.

TAKS Handling Systems developed and produced the controls and programming of all machines and systems in-house. And because we had analyzed all the necessary data regarding capacity, packaging and pallets at Onix, we were asked in early stage to also develop a warehouse management system.

Both Onix and TAKS Handling Systems are very pleased with the functionality and capacity of this custom-made solution.